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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Are you looking to learn more about our 3D architectural visualization services on our website? Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • What Is The Process of the Architecture Visualization
    Our 3D visualization process includes key steps such as Design Assessment, Modeling, Material and Lighting Setup, Rendering, and Revision. This collaborative approach ensures that the results align with your vision. You will frequently receive test renders, and with your revisions, you can make the project faster and more beautiful.
  • What Is The Price of CGI?
    Pricing and billing are project-specific and depend on factors like project size, complexity, and requested services. We provide detailed pricing and billing information during the project proposal phase. Each projects has diffrent price but generally; Interior renders starting from 100$ Exterior renders starting from 200$ 360 images starting from 250$
  • How Long Does a Project Typically Take?
    The project duration varies based on project complexity. Simple interior visualizations may take a few days, while large-scale projects might require more time. A time estimate is provided in the project proposal.
  • How Can I Get in Touch With You?
    You can contact us through the contact information on our website. Our dedicated team is available to assist you via email or chat.
  • What Data and Information Do You Require from Clients?
    To initiate a project, we typically require project plans, sections and elevations, sketches, reference images, and any other relevant project information. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of files on hand. Get in touch with us.
  • How Are Revisions Handled in the 3D Visualization Process?
    We welcome client feedback and revisions. During the project, you can provide feedback, and we'll make necessary adjustments to ensure the final result meets your expectations.
  • What Equipment and Technology Are Used in 3D Visualization?
    We use state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality visualizations. Our team is equipped to deliver professional results.
  • What Is 3D Architectural Rendering?
    Architectural rendering is the process of presenting a design through computer-generated 2D or 3D visuals. These visuals enable a realistic representation of the design and simplify its presentation to stakeholders.
  • What Is a 360- Image or Virtual Tour?
    A 360-degree virtual tour is an interactive experience that allows users to explore a space or scene with a 360-degree view. It enables users to virtually move around and interact with their environment. This is commonly used for architectural projects to provide a virtual tour of a design or for interactive exploration of a space.
  • What is virtual staging and how does it work?
    Virtual staging is the process of digitally decorating and enhancing a space or property. It is often used to make a property appear more attractive and appealing, typically by arranging the interior or exterior, adding furniture, and even changing wall colors. This helps potential buyers or renters better visualize the property's potential. It serves as an effective tool in real estate marketing campaigns and sales discussions.
  • What Is Postproduction?
    Postproduction is the phase after recording or shooting in image production. It involves tasks like editing, sound design, color correction, special effects, and more to enhance and finalize the raw content.
  • What is a 3D architectural walkthrough, and how is it used in the field of architecture and real estate?
    A 3D architectural walkthrough is a visual presentation or simulation that allows viewers to virtually "walk through" the interior and exterior of a building or architectural project. It provides a detailed, immersive experience by showcasing the design, layout, and features of a property. Architectural walkthroughs are commonly used for pre-construction planning, real estate marketing, and presentations to help clients and stakeholders visualize the final project.

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