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How Aydemir CGI Works for You

Bu, bir paragraf. Kendi metninizi eklemek için tıklayın. İçeriğinizi eklemek ve yazı tipini değiştirmek için “Metni Düzenle” düğmesine tek veya buraya çift tıklayın.

Material, Briefing, and Schedule Analysis

Upon placing your order, our collaborative journey commences, wherein we join forces to define the task and craft a comprehensive visualization concept.

We meticulously scrutinize all the data you provide us. The depth of detail in the information significantly enhances our capacity to bring your project to life with efficiency. This data may encompass existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, references, and/or concepts. We work closely with you to address any missing information and establish a schedule based on our shared understanding. Typically, the project completion timeframe ranges between five days and two weeks.

To ensure the utmost precision in translating your vision, we invest considerable time and effort in grasping your complete wishes, ideas, and preferences. It is highly advisable to articulate all details as comprehensively as possible. Your input plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall quality of the project.


3D Modeling and Perspectives Approval Process

Our journey involves the meticulous creation of a detailed 3D model that encapsulates the essence of your envisioned object. Following this, we present a selection of perspectives for your consideration. These perspectives can be provided either as a pristine white model, allowing focus on form without distractions, or as screenshots showcasing the intricacies of the 3D model.

This pivotal stage is dedicated to defining and aligning on the scene and camera perspectives to be visualized.

To ensure seamless collaboration, we invite your corrections, requests, and suggestions regarding viewing angles and image details. Your active involvement is instrumental in refining the visualization. Subsequent to your feedback, we move on to craft the initial photorealistic preview, featuring a high resolution of 1,600 pixels on the longer side. This marks the transition from concept to vivid representation, bringing your vision to life with precision.

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Preview Enhancement

Advancing in the process, we meticulously integrate your chosen materials, textures, and lighting sources into the 3D model, presenting you with two intricately detailed previews. These previews serve as a pivotal component, significantly shaping the impact of your eventual visualization.

Dual Correction Phases

In our standard workflow, we offer two complimentary correction phases to refine the details. We encourage you to share your change requests and suggestions in a consolidated format.

Following the initial pre-rendered proof, an author's correction is seamlessly included at no additional cost. Subsequently, a second correction phase is facilitated after the presentation of the second pre-rendered proof.

These iterative correction stages underscore our commitment to ensuring that your vision is not just met but exceeded, allowing for meticulous adjustments and enhancements before the final rendering. Your input is pivotal in perfecting the visual representation.



Final Delivery Post Author's Refinement Rounds

After incorporating the feedback from the second round of complimentary author's corrections, we are delighted to present your meticulously crafted visualization in stunning high resolution.

Explore Architectural Brilliance in Our Portfolio

Take a captivating tour through our portfolio to witness the epitome of architectural visualization excellence. Each showcased work exemplifies our steadfast dedication to quality and an unparalleled eye for detail. Immerse yourself in our portfolio to experience firsthand the extraordinary outcomes consistently achieved by our team.

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Design your dream house with Aydemir CGI

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